We love shooting pre wedding videos, and we’re proud of what we do. But, we’re often really busy on set, and aren’t able to show you what’s going on behind the scenes. So, we sat down with two of our main members, Mei Yin and Brandon, and got them to share their favourite stories from the productions of the videos.


The first thing we noticed about Eugene and Wendy was the dynamic they had with one another. They were very comfortable with each other, and they had the friendly bickering of an old couple. We wanted to capture this, because we felt it really displayed the essence of their relationship. So we mic’d them up as they went on their scavenger hunt through the Singapore Zoo. They were animal-lovers, and often visited the zoo together, and you could hear the familiarity in their exchanges.

The other activity they did was making a terrarium, which Brandon had to make a sacrifice for. The activity was for them to build a terrarium that had wild animal figures in it. We shopped around, looking for figures that were the right size, and of a good quality. There were lots stores selling dogs and horses, but not many wild animals. Eventually, Brandon gave up some wild animal figurines he owned for use in their terrarium. It included a cheetah, which was Wendy’s favourite animal, so she was delighted with the activity.

Mei Yin: “They kept the terrarium tank, and displayed it during their cocktail reception. They were very happy how we catered to their interests.”

Brandon: “My dad bought the [animal] toys from Korea, but they were just in my house. I decided, if we can use them, why not… Just don’t let my dad know.”