We love shooting pre wedding videos, and we’re proud of what we do. But, we’re often really busy on set, and aren’t able to show you what’s going on behind the scenes. So, we sat down with two of our main members, Mei Yin and Brandon, and got them to share their favourite stories from the productions of the videos.


We took a little risk with Kenny and Chia Ming when we asked them to do a carpool karaoke. The success of the activity would rely heavily on the couple dynamics and it would have flopped if they were too shy in front of the camera. But we decided to go ahead with it anyway, as Kenny and Chia Ming had a great, natural dynamic with one another. We specifically chose tracks by talking to them about their interests and tastes, forming a playlist through inferring from what we had learnt. For example, we put in the soundtrack from Lord of the Rings, as Kenny was a huge fan of the books and movies.

We conducted the activity by having Kenny and Chia Ming drive around the One-North area, singing along to the songs we had chosen. What most people won’t know is that we were actually in the car with them. We crouched behind the front seats, out of view of the camera. From our positions behind the seats, we would ‘facilitate’ the activity, yelling cues and encouragement at them to keep the energy up. We also kept them in the dark about the songs that would be played. So, when their  their favourite songs came on, their reactions would be genuine. They were great, and the activity was a huge success.

Brandon: “At the end of the activity, Chia Ming came up to me, and told me that they [the couple] do sing in their car together, when they drive.”

Mei Yin: “They asked us ‘How did you know that we like to sing in the car?’. So, we were very happy that our idea was able to hit the mark.”