We love shooting pre wedding videos, and we’re proud of what we do. But, we’re often really busy on set, and aren’t able to show you what’s going on behind the scenes. So, we sat down with two of our main members, Mei Yin and Brandon, and got them to share their favourite stories from the productions of the videos.


The way we set up pre-wedding shoots is by first conducting a pre-interview (this is separate from the interview we film to put in the video), then we plan activities according to each couples’ interests and personalities. However, Justin and Kimberly happened to be so different that the only interest they shared was each other. So, instead of having a specific activity or date, we sent them on a date for their pre-wedding. They had a picnic, went to get ice cream, and decorated a cake.

The highlight was when they went for a walk down Clarke Quay, where they first got together. Justin had this spot, just across the river from the reverse bungee, where he had first asked Kimberley to be his girlfriend. He had been really nervous, and pointed out the bungee, saying “That’s how I feel right now.”

But, Justin and Melissa had never actually been on the bungee. We decided it was time they found out how riding the bungee felt. They were a little surprised, and Justin was a little uncertain about it. But they trusted us in the end, and had a really great time.

Mei Yin: “That day, we had the biggest amount of rain we ever encountered on a pre-wedding shoot. It was like Hard Rain, from Left 4 Dead 2 [one of the missions in a popular game], it was so bad you couldn’t really see in front of you. You felt like the zombies would come out of the rain. His [Brandon’s] underwear got all wet.”