We love shooting pre wedding videos, and we’re proud of what we do. But, we’re often really busy on set, and aren’t able to show you what’s going on behind the scenes. So, we sat down with two of our main members, Mei Yin and Brandon, and got them to share their favourite stories from the productions of the videos.


When filming Joey and Shaun’s pre wedding video, one of the requirements they has was a drone shot. And since we were using a drone, we wanted to use it to its full potential. We wanted shots that could only be done using a drone. We wanted to do something unique, that the couple would remember long after their wedding. Eventually, we came up with the idea of having the couple’s names laid out along a stretch of road in huge letters. It wouldn’t look like anything from the ground, but the drone would be able to capture the entire thing with an aerial shot.  To get this done, we needed a deserted stretch of road. It couldn’t have any trees or buildings to obscure the words or affect the drone.

We found that road on Lazarus Island, which was a small island off the coast. It was completely deserted and the only things on the island were a few toilets. There were no amenities, and the ferry that would take you there only came to the island twice a day. We had to charter a private ferry to take us there, with all our food, props and equipment.

To create the couple’s names, we toyed with a few ideas, thinking of writing it with chalk, tape, and even cloth. Then, we found out about holi powder  (a powder used in a traditional Indian festival). It came in all sorts of colours, and it wasn’t too expensive. We mixed it with flour to create pretty, pastel shades, and had the couple pour the powder over tape we had previously laid out. When the tape was peeled off, their names would be written in the powder. Afterwards, we took quite a little while restoring the road to its original state.

Mei Yin: “Because the toilets were so far away, Brandon and Bharath [another member of the production team] had to use pails to take water from the sea. [to wash away the powder]”

Brandon: “We tied this rope to the pails, and threw them into the sea. Then we had to haul them up. [We had to do this] Like 20-30 times.”

Mei Yin: “Both of them got rope burn!”