We love shooting pre wedding videos, and we’re proud of what we do. But, we’re often really busy on set, and aren’t able to show you what’s going on behind the scenes. So, we sat down with two of our main members, Mei Yin and Brandon, and got them to share their favourite stories from the productions of the videos.


With James and Melissa, we tried something pretty ambitious. We got them to write and perform their own original song. The idea came about when we learnt that Melissa was very into karaoke. James played for the band in his church, so we already knew that he had a strong musical background. James and Melissa were both very excited to write a song once we brought up the idea, as we were going to be recording in a professional studio. We had the skills to mix and record a song, so the quality was guaranteed to be top-notch.

The song writing process started in the studio, where we got James and Melissa to throw out phrases that described their relationship, and their journey together. Once we had all these words and phrases, we began to string them together. We tied together the ones that rhymed, and just tried over and over until something stuck. After the lyrics were written, we got James and Melissa into the studio and had them freestyle melodie, the best of which was picked out afterwards. They laid down the main chords and the vocals, while we took care of the backing track. Fortunately, we knew a few professional musicians who were willing to volunteer their time and effort to put down a backing track for the song.

Mei Yin: “We referenced the track to some of their favourite songs. The girl [Melissa], liked Jay Chou, and we took inspiration from some of his songs. That’s how we came up with the idea to have an acoustic track with a hip-hop beat underneath. The whole thing took us about a month and a half, including post-production and backing tracks.”