Most weddings will probably be held entirely, or partially in a hotel. Here, we’ve put together a useful list of things that you might not know about hotel weddings. We hope you find this information useful as you plan your wedding.


This solemnisation happened inside Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort and Spa.

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Many hotels offer function rooms and pavilions for the solemnisation ceremony. This allows you to hold the solemnisation and reception in the same venue, and is a good option for couples who are looking for convenience. A good choice for those unwilling to shell out for a separate venue. But, this does not mean that the venues are any less beautiful or unique. Venues such as the Amara Sanctuary’s Glass Pavilion and Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa are some of the most beautiful venues for solemnisations.


Hotels will provide the décor for any venue you book. This includes ceiling décor, chair covers, table linens, etc. This will take one worry of your back as you plan your wedding. Some hotels even have a few options when it comes to décor, so make sure to speak with the manager, to have something that fits your needs best. However, some couples might find the décor provided by the hotel too standard, and boring. Most hotels will be willing to let your planner/decorator (this can be you, if you’re going DIY) work with them on the décor. If you’re looking for something unique, talk to the hotel manager and see what can be changed.


Hotels provide professional servers for wedding banquets.

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One of the biggest reasons wedding banquets/receptions are held in hotels is the catering provided by the hotel. Wedding packages often have food, provided by the hotel, included along with the venue. Something a little more overlooked, is the inclusion of servers. Hotels will have professional servers who will keep the food and drinks coming at a steady pace, keeping your guests full and happy. If you choose to have a bar, a professional bartender will know how to handle the crowd that will soon gather around it. In addition, many hotels provide a first dish presentation, and they’ll often bring it out to the couple’s favourite song.


Many hotels give couples complimentary gifts and discounts when they book a wedding venue. The correct package can be really helpful offsetting some of the cost of the wedding. Here are some things to look out for when choosing a hotel or a wedding package.

-Discounted Rooms

Hotels like to throw in discounted rooms for both the couple and guests. This is useful if you have relatives from overseas coming down to your wedding. Make sure to clear up the terms and conditions with the hotel first. There’s usually a limit on the number of hotel rooms you can book at a discount.

-Complimentary Parking

Almost all the hotels we looked up provided complimentary parking for a percentage of guests. This is usually in the range of 20-30% of the guests. From our experience, this percentage is usually enough, as not all guests drive, and many carpool.

-Free Honeymoon Stays

Some hotels throw in free honeymoon stays for couples. These complimentary stays usually last one to two nights, and often come with other free amenities. These sometimes include room service credit and breakfast.

That brings us to the end of the article. We hope there was something useful in here for you. If you’re still looking for information, you can check out the other articles on our blog, and if you need a videography company, you’re one click away from being in the right place.