Going DIY for your wedding is great. You have fun, maybe learn a new skill, and it makes your wedding that much more personalised. But, some things just aren’t worth the stress. Others simply can’t be learnt in the short time before your wedding. So, we’ve put together a short list of things to DIY, and what probably should be left to the pros.



DIY your invitations, so that more people will attend your wedding out of guilt. because its a fun hobby.

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These are probably going to be the easiest on the list to make. You’ll be surprised how far some quality supplies and a few YouTube tutorials can bring you. Options from a website or printer can be limited, so going DIY with this is a good choice if you have a more unique wedding aesthetic. String, doilies and lace all make for good decoration, and the cards will look great with some calligraphy.

If you’re less crafts-gifted, any good art store will sell design stamps, and a variety of ink (cut sponges and paint will also work, giving a more relaxed look). A simple stamped design with clean, clear lettering looks great with little effort, and can be easily mass produced with a few friends.

Customised stamps, and sealing wax make your invitations a little fancier.

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Be the only one in your family to have table plans printed on something other than A4 paper.                                                       Photo Credits: Pinterest

You’ll only need one or two of these at your wedding, so there’s really no need to spend too much on them. If you have any leftover supplies from your invitations/place cards, consider putting them towards the table plans. You could write the seating arrangements and table numbers on some empty cards, then stick them on a matching board. Or, for more relaxed weddings, you could pin them to a cork board. Having the table plans written out on a second-hand mirror or a black board is also something to consider. For a more classic look, get your florist to arrange some flowers along the frame. While you do want something that matches up with the overall feel of your wedding, be creative as you want with this. Post-It notes, maps and postcards have all been used for table plans. Have fun with it!


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These are usually just decorated cards with the table number on them. But they’re easy to make on your own, so why not bring out the arts supplies and have something more unique? Write the numbers on mini-chalkboards or on pieces of wood for a rustic feel. You could paint them onto the table centres, to give off a simple, elegant look. A simple solution, and it requires only stencils, paint and a brush. Table numbers also go great with themed weddings. We once covered the wedding of a couple who felt very strongly about animal conservation, and they had used animal fact cards as their table numbers.

Table numbers like these from Eugene and Wendy’s wedding are great for themed weddings, or just to add a dash of character.   Photo Credits: Back Button Media Vimeo


Strung photos and fairy lights are a modern classic.    

Photo Credits: © Juxtapose Pix | juxtaposepix.com

This is really just beautifying a table, (unless you’re really set on breaking out those carpentry tools), but a well decorated reception table can bring a lot to your wedding. Replace the hotel’s standard(read: BORING) table cloth with something unique and personal, or DIY a guestbook for the many well-wishes coming your way. Of course, stringing up polaroids and photos will never go out of style.

A more traditionally decorated reception table.  

Photo Credits: © Stanstills Photography | www.stanstills.com


Steadily gaining popularity, photo booths at weddings are great fun, and they give your guests something to take home with them. From streamers and tinsel to full blown backdrops, photo booths are relatively simple to DIY. Tape material to any wall for a backdrop, just make sure the area is well lit.  (If there are no walls available, portable backdrop stands can be rented for a small price) For the props, you can just head down to any party store, or DAISO, for the budget-conscious. Of course, there’s also the internet route, where you can find both pre-made props and printable templates. Be creative, and try to include some of your personality in the photo booth. You photo’s will be sure to stand out in any photo booth.

Hang some fairy lights behind a curtain for an elegant photo booth backdrop.                                                                                 Photo Credits: © Stanstills | www.stanstills.com



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While most women probably do a decent amount of prep for both hair and makeup on a daily basis, it’s going to be a whole lot different on your wedding day. With complex hairstyles such as the French braidtucked bun, and braided up-do coming into fashion, it’s more important than ever to have a stylist. They’ll make sure your hair looks great, and stays great throughout the day. Not to mention the latest trend of decorating hairstyles with flowers and foliage. Not something you’ll want to handle on your own. As for makeup, you might want to go with a more daring look, with unconventional colours for your eye-shadow and lipstick. Or, for a trendy Korean look, try something more natural. Simple eye makeup and gradient lipstick are the way to go for this look.

Get your florist to work with your hairdresser for hair decorations like these.  

Photo Credits: © Rueven Tan | www.rueven-tan.net


These boutonnieres were prepared by a professional florist.

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Any wedding, from a simple affair to a grand ballroom wedding, is going to need flowers. Lots of them. You won’t have the time to take care of every boutonniere, centrepiece and bouquet. And, because flowers are living things, they are going to need a lot of upkeep. Combine that with the skill needed to combine foliage, wine hues and greys to form a trendy bouquet, and you’ll be looking at a job that’s going to need a professional. See here for some inspirations on bridal bouquets!

Foliage is being more frequently used in bouquets.                                                                                                                   Photo Credits: © Knottin’ Visuals | knottinvisuals.com


Whether you have a simple wedding cake, or a ten-tier monster, let a patisserie take care of it.                                                 Photo Credits: © Stanstills | stanstills.com

Even if you’re an amazing cook, no way are you serving a full course meal to a hall filled with guests. Hire a quality catering service that’s going to take care of the food, serving and clean up. They’ll make sure you won’t have to do your own dishes. Another thing to consider is Halal food, if you’re inviting any Muslim friends. The major hotels in Singapore usually are be able to provide separate, Halal-certified meals without too much trouble. Just remember to notify them in advance. If you’re holding your wedding at a separate(read: not at a hotel) venue, check if your caterer is able to provide a halal course along with the main one. If not, you’ll have to hire another caterer for the Halal menu. In any case, be prepared to spend a little more.


Professional musicians, like Amanda Tee, bring charm and personality to a wedding.

Photo Credits: © Amanda Tee Music | amandatee.com

Whether you’re going for live music, or opting for a DJ, hire a professional. Little Timmy really rocks on the violin, I’m sure, but he’s not going to play all night. Professional musicians and DJs can read the mood of the room, changing the music to go along with it. You can also be sure they aren’t going to play the wrong music for your march-in. The right music will bring personality and charm to the wedding, and you won’t have to listen to the Top 40 hits on repeat all night. (If you’re tired of the Top 40, but don’t have any idea on what songs to play, try looking through our article on wedding songs for inspiration!)


From the BBM Instagram

Both professions look simple (I mean, you just point and shoot, right?) but there is a lot of work going into it. Lighting, composition, colour and post-production all contribute to great-looking videos and photographs. Professionals will be able to get unconventional angles, and capture memorable moments a hobbyist might miss. Your wedding videos and photos will be something you look back on to remember your big day, so it’s worthwhile investing in a studio that really knows what they’re doing. (Oh, by the way, if you’re on the lookout for videographers for your big day, check us out! We really know what we’re doing.)