While there are many variations of traditional wedding vows, couples are beginning to find that writing their own wedding vows can bring more meaning to the ceremony. That being said, reading your own vows can sometimes be nerve-wrecking, with friends and family looking on, and your wedding videography and photography crew documenting moment. Don’t worry, we’re here with some tips to take off the stress, which will allow reading your vows to be the beautiful, intimate moment it should be.

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When you recite your wedding vows, you’ll be with the love of your life. In their eyes you will see pure, honest affection that’s going to last a lifetime, and then some. Or maybe you can’t, you’re crying too much. In any case, they’ve chosen to be with you. The entirety of you. In this moment, there is nothing to be afraid of. This is your soul mate, your friend, your lover. Let them see your most genuine, intense emotions. But, we understand, sometimes it’s hard to get those feelings into words. Try taking inspiration from your relationship. Everything that happened to bring the both of you to this day did not happen in a day. Tap into your shared history. Relate your greatest memories. Tell your story, and let it illustrate and enhance the promises you make to your partner.

Ivee sang a special song as part of her wedding vows

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It’s alright to take inspiration from your favourite movie or book. Sometimes, you find yourself in the works of others. Throw in a line or quote that really means a lot to you, and that can illustrate aspects of your relationship or emotions. You can also take inspiration from others’ wedding vows. Explore different styles, and combine the things you like to make it your own. You can even modify a standard vow to bring a more modern, personalised feel to it, while keeping a sense of elegance and decorum.

Eugene wrote his own heartfelt vows, which you can see here


Practice your wedding vows before the big day, even if you aren’t memorising them. That in the moment, you know that you’ve got everything worked out. You’ll be comfortable with your words, allowing you to focus more on the moment at hand, and your future spouse. It’ll feel a lot more special when you recite your wedding vows looking into their eyes, rather than at your cards. And if you’re worried at all about your vows becoming stale through practice, practice away from your fiancé, and surprise them on your wedding day. Though you will already know the words, their reaction will mean all the world when they hear your vows for the first time.

Another clever way to keep yourself from reciting your vows to your cards is to hand them to your solemniser. He or she can quietly prompt you if you forget the lines or slip up. Finally, if you want to keep it simple, with a reference in your hand, go for it! Many couples even include their cue cards as part of the overall aesthetic of their wedding. Just try to stick to cue cards, as sheets of paper tend to obscure your face, and a phone’s glare won’t show up well in photos and videos.

Acceptance is an important part of any relationship, which Chee Yong was aware of when he said his wedding vows

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Its cliché, but true. You’re going to be reciting your vows on your wedding day. Everyone will be attending to celebrate you, and your relationship with your fiancé. When they laugh, they will be laughing with you. On this day, there’s no such thing as too cheesy or too mushy. Relive your first days together, relate a memory that illustrates everything great about your lover. Dance to your song, the one that played in the background of your first kiss together. Use your wedding vows to look back on your journey up to this point, and commit to the journey you will be soon embarking on, with each other.


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