If you are looking for some pointers on how to pick an choose your bridesmaid dresses, you have come to the right article. read on my friends!


First thing we must understand that the time of day play a pivotal role in the bridesmaid dresses selection. Although it may seem like common sense, decide on the formality of your wedding -luncheon (casual) vs. dinner banquet (formal) – before you start deciding on any details. Traditionally, a longer bridesmaid dress gives a more formal look while a knee length bridesmaid dress appears more casual. One can also opt for Tea-length ‘just above the ankle’ versatile option. In the new age where we live in, the fabric also plays another dimension. You can pick a dark colour in a rich satin for a formal wedding, and opt for pastel chiffon or printed organza for a daytime ceremony. Bridesmaid Dresses Singapore

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Commence the next stage of search by picking your own wedding gown before searching for any bridesmaid dresses. There are a few things to play around with, such as the color or style depending on your taste and liking. Your gown and the bridesmaid dresses should look coordinated but need not be a carbon copy. For example, if yours is strapless, don’t put the bridesmaids in long sleeves, or if your dress is more on the vintage side, you might not want hippie modern bridesmaid dresses. You can also check out some of our wedding videos to get some inspiration!


Next thing to consider is the body shape and individual styles of your bridesmaids. (See here for our guide on body shape). If the idea is for all bridesmaids to wear similar color and design, choose a design that suit the most hard to fit girl. Subsequently, the others can alter their bridesmaid dresses  for a snug fit. Alternatively, each bridesmaid can pick a different style in the same color scheme or fabric to tie the look together. (For guidance on how to implement a mismatched style, check out our Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses blog post!) Point here is not to succumb to pressure to please everyone, it’s impossible. You should be understanding but after all your bridesmaids are there to support you and your vision. Be confident in your choice and enjoy the process :) Bridesmaid Dresses Singapore


If colour is your ‘thang’, then there are a few considerations you should be thinking about. For those who decided to have everyone at your wedding banquet to wear a unified color or a unique color scheme, you can do so via different shades of the same hue to add some variety. In addition, always keep in mind the color schemes at your banquet reception or ceremony sites. If your wedding will be at a location with deep red and dark green decor, rule out vibrant pink bridesmaid dresses. Lastly, pay attention to your bridesmaid skin tone. If you’ve got a range of fair, olive, and dark skin tones, make sure the bridesmaid dresses colours flatters all. A good example is dark purple. This bold colour is stunning on bridesmaids for any skin tones.

If you’re still torn on which colour to choose, a good way to pick is also by going through your wardrobe to identify a colour that shows up most frequently or the colour you chose to decorate your room etc. Bridesmaid Dresses Singapore


I know I know, those 4 inch stilettos are your dream heels and you would love your bridesmaid to wear the same with you. However the key thing here is not to subject your girls to torture. An option is to give them the specifics (ie colour, open or close toe) and grant them flexibility to find the perfect pair (some might already have it in their closets). If you’re choosing the shoes for them, comfort should be a top priority. Be mindful to find a colour that goes well with the bridesmaid dresses. Metallic hues are a good substitute if classic black won’t work! Bridesmaid Dresses Singapore

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