Almost everyone who is getting married wants his or her wedding to be memorable, one of a kind, romantic and perfect. But how many of us actually have the experience and skill set to actually plan such a perfect wedding? We all get married at one point in our life and with the touch of an expert; a wedding can be a lifetime memory rather than a forgettable event in the lives of those who attended it. A wedding planner wears many hats. They can be your day of wedding coordinator or even the go to person for your every wedding need. In short, they help you organise your big day. This Wedding Planner Singapore Guide will attempt to show you the benefits and pitfalls of hiring one.


Of course our friends, family members and relatives can do what a wedding planner will do for us. This also allows us to save some expenses, as we know how costly it is to get married in Singapore. But honestly, there are some merits that a specialised wedding planner can bring to the table. Firstly, we all know that there are many things and moving parts to take care of to make a wedding a success. Hence, with the help of your family & friends your wedding might lack the x factor to stand out from the rest. After all, not everyone plans a wedding every other month like a wedding planner.

Therefore, it is best to consider the pros and cons before you decide. While the wedding planner will be busy on your behalf making your big day a grand one, you can have ample time to chillax before your big day.

If you have laden your close friends and family with the coordination planning, you might find yourself doing that last minute shopping all alone as your best friends would be busy in the flower decorations, your mother would be busy ensuring all invitations are sent out in time, your dad having trouble with the catering requirements; there can be even troubles during the church venue and ceremony if things are not properly handled. A wedding planner can be the one handling these tensions and you enjoying each moment of your wedding without a breaking any sweat.


A wedding planner worth his or her salt will have a vast network of top wedding specialists. The primary duty of a wedding coordinator is to connect you with the right vendor and people at the best rates. They are expected to negotiate for you and get you that wedding venue with the perfect view or find the one wedding videographer who can work with your budgets. They may also be able to pull in favours to get discounts or freebies. Even with their professional charges, wedding planner can often plan weddings with more bang for your bucks than you could on your own. Simply because of they network.


Most importantly, you need a wedding planner who is accessible and responsive to you and your needs. If they take too long to return your calls for whatever reason, or seem to have a hard time organising information during your meet ups, these are red flags and you should be looking elsewhere. Subsequently, make sure that their taste and style matches yours. It is obvious that your wedding planner should make your want your big day to look like you and not according to his or her own taste or capabilities.

Next, be aware of wedding planners who are getting referral fees or kickbacks for recommending certain vendors. You should be hearing about vendors who are right for you and not only those who fills up the pocket of the wedding planner. Don’t get me wrong here, we are not discouraging the use of referrals or kickbacks, as they are common in the industry. It’s about whether the wedding planner are honest and discloses such arrangement upfront. A good way is also to do a quick online search for reviews on the wedding planner. There are numerous review sites such as and

Lastly, like any vendor, you need to have a succinct contract with your wedding planner that detail out their scopes, costs, payment schedules and deposit. Make sure the contract cater for scenarios on how increased duties and costs will be negotiated and the procedure to break contract if they fail to meet obligations (possibility even compensation).

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