The history of traditional wedding vows can be linked back to the manuals of the England medieval church. Upon agreement to marry, the couple promise each other to “love and cherish” one another. Being an integral part of a wedding ceremony, the exchange of wedding vows inherently is a very romantic moment and often the perfect place to express your heart felt feelings towards your fiancé. Imagine facing your stunning bride or your suave groom, affirming your love in front of all family and friends at wedding ceremony. With your wedding videography and photography crew documenting every single word and moment, does this thought above make you nervous and sweat?


The fact that you are standing in front of each other, deeply locked with each other’s’ gaze and declaring these vows meant that he or she chose you. There should be no worry of rejection or mockery because you belong to each other and decided to enter into a covenant to remain exclusive to each other! This is your soul mate, your friend, your lover and he/ she reciprocate your love. Do not be afraid to sound cheesy or as mushy as you want because as long as it comes from the heart, he/ she will surely appreciate it and without a doubt reciprocate with the same intensity. For those who are having a tad of trouble putting your thoughts into words and struggling with conveying these emotions verbally, you can use some help to get this right. Everything that happens between both of you did not happen overnight. There is history behind this faithful day. Use the unique, beautiful story that led to this extraordinary moment and important day! Utilise every single memory that you can remember to conjure up the love you feel, use some whimsical or touching situations that you have shared together. Relive those days where you first met, the place and situation, all these could be used to recreate the heartwarming sensation when both of you decide to give each other a chance. Is there also a song that is unique to your relationship or even a poem where you serenade her to be your girl? All these are powerful ‘weapon’ to use in your wedding vows! Its always good to look back on the journey you have began, holding each other’s hand, and then comment on the one you are about to embark from this day forward.


Your wedding vows are extremely personal. They’re the special words that represent your commitment to one another. Spend a few moments scouring the web and you will find a huge range of example wedding vows that you can draw inspiration from. We personally like the wedding vows of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The royal wedding is one of the most extravagant and exquisite ceremonies ever televised this millennium. Without any question, this most talked-about wedding in recent history was observed live by millions of people around the world. You can find their vow here. The allure of celebrity pop culture has propelled the media to pay extra attention to celebrity weddings. Some of the wedding vows by our favourite celebrity couples exchanged on their big days bring forth expressions of love that truly allows their personalities to shine. Be it the secular written vows or one with traditional religious values, these beautiful vows are both passionate and meaningful and we hope that you find inspiration in them.


Ever since 2005, ROM had made the solemnisation process more flexible. This was done through community partnerships to deliver solemnisation services. These volunteers comprise of Justices of the Peace, religious leaders and grassroots leaders. Couples marrying outside ROM no longer are required to return the original marriage certificate to ROM personally (can be mailed). More importantly, couples can now have their own customise wedding vows. Other benefits include unrestricted hours (i.e. get married any day and time, weekends and public holidays included), unrestricted number of guests, combination of customary, religious and civil marriage ceremonies. See our post in choosing solemniser in Singapore for more info.

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