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Wedding Gift Ideas

22 Aug Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding Gift Ideas

Are you fretting over what wedding gift to get for your newly wedded friends or family members? Here’s a list of unconventional wedding gifts you can draw inspiration from. Some of them expensive, some of them not, the main idea here is the heart that counts!

Wedding Live band

Wedding Gift Ideas, Live Band
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People who are songbirds or actively involved in jamming, consider volunteering yourself for a song or 2 during the luncheon or dinner banquet. (No, I’m not talking about karaoke singers :P). After all, what better way to celebrate love than with Music? Weddings are extremely special occasions, and this wedding gift would create a lively, joyous and romantic ambience for the special day.


Wedding Gift Ideas, Photographer
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If money’s really tight, consider volunteering your services. Strap on your professional camera (or that white elephant in your closet) and put your photography skills to work at the ceremony!

Candy Bar

Wedding Gift Ideas, Candy Bar
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Everyone loves chocolate and candies! This has been a budding trend where couples set up a candy bar for their guest at the wedding reception. If you yourself are a pastry chef, consider setting up a candy bar as a wedding gift for your friend important day. Granted, this won’t be an easy feat, but with some help and outsourcing (rental of decorative items here), this could really be the highlight of a wedding!

Coffee Bar

Wedding Gift Ideas, Coffee Bar
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Are you a barista or a wannabe barista? Consider pulling some coffee at the wedding reception for the couples’ guests. This is best for luncheon, unless you want all the guests to have a sleepless night.

Photo Booth

Wedding Gift Ideas, Photobooth
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Well the idea here is not for you to set up a booth yourself but hire a professional team for your good friends wedding. Everyone at the wedding gets to take home fantastic beautiful memories of themselves and they’ll be thanking you for it!

Customise a batch of Vintage-esque coasters

Wedding Gift Ideas, Coaster
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A quick search on the web will yield many businesses that creates customisable coasters. Please also see our wedding favours blog post for creating coasters with your instagrams!

Scrabble Names Photo Frame

Wedding Gift Ideas, Scrabble
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This will be a unique wedding gift that doesn’t break the bank. Get a nice photoframe from ikea and shop for some scrabble tiles at amazon. Use your creativity to decorate the frame and you are set.

Framed Wedding Invitation    

Wedding Gift Ideas, Wedding Invite
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Consider doing this for the couple as a keepsake. I believe the couple will love this wedding gift, especially if they have spent some effort creating unique wedding invites.


Design a Custom Set of Mugs

Wedding Gift Ideas, Mug
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Another idea that doesn’t break the bank, plain mugs are super affordable anywhere. Does he like one lump of sugar or two in his morning joe? How does she prefer her tea? Make personalized mugs for a homemade wedding gift and all you need to decorate them are with markers or enamel-based paint. To set the color, bake them in the oven for 20 minutes at 340 degrees.

Stock the couple’s post-honeymoon fridge

Wedding Gift Ideas, Fridge
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It can be as affordable as some frozen dinners and dried food from the supermarket, or as elaborate as a week of homemade meals. Key thing is they are not coming home to an empty refrigerator.

Or Their Pantry

Wedding Gift Ideas, Pantry
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Unless the couple hate baking…

Or Their Supply Closet

Wedding Gift Ideas, Cleaning Supplies
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Granted, not the most glamorous but these wedding gifts will definitely come in handy one day.


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