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Wedding Favours Singapore

20 Sep Wedding Favours Singapore Style

Wedding Favours in Singapore

Have you ever leave a wedding seeing people leaving their wedding favours on the banquet table? Not sure about you but after attending so many wedding videos shoot we definitely have! No one should feel guilty when they decide to throw out useless wedding favours :P. Therefore, we should all do the world some justice. No more boring wedding favours! Heres a list of wedding favours Singapore style:

Mojito Kit with Muddler

Wedding Favours Singapore Mojito Muddler
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Who doesn’t love Mojitos? Who wouldn’t like to create their own Mojito?! We ADORE this vintage wooden mojito muddler wedding favour! This is a perfect present for cocktail lovers and this makes perfect wedding favour for both gents and ladies. Who knows this may inspire an impromptu cocktail party or two… don’t forget to invite us!

Antique Style Bottle Opener

Wedding Favours Singapore Key Bottle Opener
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This bronze finish antique key bottle opener wedding favour is not only a practical but also a great addition to any classic or vintage wedding. Give this key to your guests with confidence – they won’t leave this pleasant wedding favour behind!

Classy Hangover Kit

Wedding Favours Singapore Hangover Kit
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If your wedding is going to have tonnes of alcohol, a hangover kit is definitely going to come handy! The unexpected is bound to happen after a party, headache, dehydration, no energy, and a long list of things you wish you had thought to bring. Throw in some herbs, antibiotics, tea bags, lemonade, mint candies, and a hangover cure instruction guide. A great wedding favour gift for your friends!

Instagram Coasters

Wedding Favours Singapore Insta Coaster
Image courtesy of

Coaster coaster coaster! Time to show the world the professional photographer in you. Turn your Instagrams into custom personalised drink coasters and show off your entire sepia-tinted, camera-phone masterpiece.

Shot Glasses

Wedding Favours Singapore Shot Glass
Image courtesy of

A quick search in the web and you will be able to find all kinds of designs and personalization options. This wedding favour will definitely bring your wedding party to the next level!

Bridal Flip Flops

Wedding Favours Singapore Flip Flops
Image courtesy of

Flip flops can also be a good wedding favour if you are having an outdoor wedding. They make walking on beach sand a breeze there will be no worry about heels sticking into the grass. I bet your female guest’s screaming feet will jump into these wedding favours right after the wedding!

Craft Beer

Wedding Favours Singapore Craft Beer
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I bet your wedding party is going to be a blast with these as wedding favours. If you know any friends who are enthusiast or hobbyist in beer brewing, you can even request for customised brew! If not, support the local craft beer brewer here.

Tote Bags

Wedding Favours Singapore Tote Bag
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Tote bags are great for carrying welcome swag, but they are pretty awesome all on their own, too. Who couldn’t use more bags for grocery shopping? Check out this local platform for tote bags with a local flavour.

Hot Chocolate On a Stick

Wedding Favours Singapore Hot Chocolate on a Stick
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This would be the perfect wedding favour sweet treat to pass along to your guest or serve at your candy bar in the wedding reception.

Water Bottle

Wedding Favours Singapore Water Bottle
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Everyone uses water bottles. Nuff said.


Wedding Favours Singapore Sunglasses
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Perfect for our sunny little red dot! An indispensable accessory for drivers!


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