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How to buy a Wedding Dress in Singapore

02 Oct Wedding Dress Selection In Singapore

Wedding Dress Selection In Singapore

So you are planning to look fabulous on your wedding day (who doesn’t) and fretting over your wedding dress selection. We have listed down a few pointers you can look out for when shopping for your wedding dress:

Schedule Your Wedding Dress Appointment Early In The Day

It goes without saying that early in the morning the store will be less crowded and you get to speak to the freshest and most energetic consultants. You probably do not want to speak to someone who has been tired out by the concerns of a million clients before you hence try not to arrange an appointment close to the end of the day! 

Know Your Body Type

Details are important but before you start nitpicking, knowing your body type is actually the key element when it comes to looking your best. Choose a wedding dress that not only looks beautiful but also one that flatters your body shape. This is the secret to look gracefully elegant when you have the perfect fit. At the end of the day your wedding dress has to compliment your body. This will allow you to look radiant for your wedding videography and photo shoot.

 The Top of Your Wedding Dress Matters

We notice that a lot of brides puts more focus on the hem of the wedding dress but always neglect the fact that the top of your wedding dress is what people will notice most. The majority of wedding videos & photos are taken of you from the waist up. 

Try On As Many Wedding Dresses

A wedding dress might look good on a hangar but look bad when you don it. This logic also applies other way wrong. So try to resist snap judgment. Just as it takes time to find the right one, it takes time to find the perfect wedding dress. You shouldn’t feel forced to try on more or fewer gowns than you want. A balance is the key, if not you might find yourselves being overloaded by wanting to try on 30 different wedding dresses at each shop. Sometimes, less is more too. Always go with your gut and go along a shop that carries e range that gets your style.

 You Don’t Have To Bring An Entourage

Again, the logic of less is more applies. You don’t have to bring your father mother good friends and fiancé to the fitting. The result might even be negative when there are too many opinions. It is perfectly normal to go alone! Some commented that going along is actually stress free.

 Wear a Gorgeous Undergarment

On wedding dress fitting day, you will be in and out of different dresses. Being in your best allows you to feel like the best. It also aid in the fitting of the wedding dress. There is no excuse to be wearing the greyish auntie looking one you’ve had since college.

Wedding Dress Sizing Are Different

It is common to find wedding dress size two to three sizes larger than your regular size. It does not means you have ballooned. As soon as you can get your head around that, you can start being realistic and pay attention to how it looks on you and not what the label reads.

Wedding Dress and Accessory Sales Are Usually Final

Well, this is a reminder of the reality. So do not try to be adventurous and buy something on impulse, only to regret it the moment you get home or worst, one day before your big day.

 Get to Know Your Wedding Dress

You should spend some time to get to “know” your wedding dress. You can do that by asking some important question not only to yourself but also the consultant in the shop. Make sure the wedding dress makes you feel beautiful, confident and comfortable. Next thing to find out is whether the wedding dress allows for the activities during the big day. Things like whether it is suitable for a dance, suitable to sit down in it etc. There is no point have a nice dress that doesn’t even allow you to walk properly in it!

Think beyond the Wedding Dress

After you have decided on the selection of your wedding dress, the next big thing are the accessories. Accessories play a significant role in complimenting the wedding dress to the extent that they complete it. Brainstorm on the shoes, jewellery and your bouquet. Theses accessories need to accentuate the wedding dress and not steal the limelight totally.


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