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19 Oct Sophia Wedding Collection Closure

Sophia Wedding Collection Closure

We are very sad when the news of Sophia Wedding Collection sudden closure broke to the public, many local brides-to-be and their wedding parties were sent into fits of panic as they are left dress less for big day.

According to Channel News Asia, the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) has received about 73 complaints related to the alleged closure of Sophia Wedding Collection. CASE also said the number of complaints against bridal studios has been on the rise since 2010, when it received 15 complaints compared to 21 received so far this year. A few of such complaints pertains to not delivering photo/video montages, delivering fewer photos than previously agreed and low quality wedding dresses.

It has come to our attention that this is not just an isolated incident. There have been many such cases in other industries as well. Take for example D’Concept Design where the sudden closure contributed to a total contract value of approx. $450k of cases lodged with CASE. Since 2009, the sudden closure of firms that includes reputable spa chain True Spa, nail salon Wax in the City and gym Sky Fitness, has left many with worthless prepaid packages.

So how can we prevent ourselves being stuck with the Sophia Wedding mess?

  1. Do Research Before Signing Up

Couples should always take the time out to read up reviews online. It is very common in this industry that people often go by word of mouth recommendation. The danger here is to only rely on 1 source. Always corroborate reviews from different sites and not just rely on reviews on the vendor Facebook pages or website.

  1. Negotiate For Lower Deposits

Money out of pocket is money at risk. Even though it is common practice in the industry to collect deposits/prepayment for working capital uses, couples should always opt for the minimum amount. Businesses come and go, it is a reality of the business world. SO NEVER pay in full for services/goods un-received!

  1. Buy Insurance

As advised by CASE couples can explore the option of purchasing insurance that covers cancellation, unexpected closure like the Sophia Wedding case and any other situation where the wedding cannot proceed due to personal reasons. Do note that this option is quite uncommon hence might be costly/hard to source for any insurer who covers such risk.

If all else fails and you still find yourself in a fix, your first course of action is to quickly find another vendor to cover the services required for the wedding to proceed on. Waiting for good news or development is not a wise choice as these cases seldom play out in favour of the consumer. Even if it does, the proceedings might take a long while.

Action for Recourse!

There are generally a few ways in Singapore for recourse:

  1. File a Police Report

Unless this is a fraud case, in our opinion there is not much that the police can do to help you here. There must be a case to which the company, in this case Sophia Wedding, has the intent to defraud clients before the public prosecutor can build a case against them. If not, Sophia Wedding will just be regarded as a business went bust.

  1. File a Complaint to CASE

The consumer watchdog will always strive to assist in whatever way possible. Currently, from our understanding, they are advising couples to file a claim under the Small Claims Tribunal for the Sophia Wedding case.

  1. File Legal Action in Small Claims Tribunal

This is basically a small court where you can settle a claim that that is less than $10,000. For more information on how to file a claim, please visit their site here.

  1. Lawyer Up

There is an option to sue the company for breach of contract but will likely be a long drawn and costly process. Unless the amount in dispute is large, this is usually an unadvisable option. Further, the owners will be protected by the limited liability clause of a private limited business.

Trust is our currency, enquire now to enjoy our $300 early bird discount!

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