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Pre wedding Locations


11 Oct Pre wedding Locations

Pre wedding locations

As long-time wedding videographers, we’re always on the lookout for new, creative locations to shoot clients’ pre wedding videos. Now, we’re here to share some of our favourite pre wedding locations with you. No matter what your style is, there’s sure to be a perfect place for anyone.


for the nature-lover

Living in a concrete jungle, many couples want their wedding shoots to be a getaway to the heart of nature. Just off the Singaporean coast, lie two small islands that remain relatively untouched. Largely uninhabited, and far from the bustle and bright lights of the city, they’re your best bet for a nature shoot.


Lazarus Island

lazarus 4 arti

From the Back Button Media Vimeo page.


Lazarus Island lies to the south of Sentosa. Here, the waters are blue, and the beach is clean. Combined with the green grass and blue skies, it’s a picture-perfect pre wedding location. However, the ferry there only comes twice a day, so if you’re planning a night shoot, you might have to charter a private boat, like we did when we shot a pre wedding video there.


coney island


Coney Island is often used as a shoot location for its distinctive tall, thin trees.                      Photo Credits: © Juxtapose Pix |


The other island is a little more well-known, especially to Singaporean cycling enthusiasts. Deliberately kept undeveloped, Coney Island is a popular destination for its cycling routes and wildlife. It’s also a relatively popular shoot destination for its tall, thin trees that look distinctly un-Singaporean. But Coney Island has more to offer than the trees. Along the coast, there are a few boardwalks that provide another pretty, but often overlooked location.


for the elegant engagement


the victoria concert hall


The Victoria Concert Hall has a clear, ethereal beauty.                                                                          Photo Credits: © Knottin’ Visuals |


Or maybe you’re looking for a location with class? Try the Victoria Concert Hall. Located in downtown Singapore, this building has a combination of modern architecture and traditional colonial design, giving it a sleek yet cultured look. However, there are some things you should keep in mind when choosing to shoot at the Victoria Concert Hall. From the tips section of another one of our articles (on wedding itineraries):


“The Victoria Concert Hall also requires a booking in advance, with no shoots being allowed after 6pm. You’ll have to drop them an email with your contact number.”


the national museum of singapore


Photo Credits: Pinterest


An alternative to the Concert Hall is the National Museum of Singapore (not to be confused with the National Gallery of Singapore). Another converted colonial building, it has both charm and style. Keep in mind that shooting at this location requires a fee, which you can find on their website.


for you little charmers



Quirky, fun bars make for good shoot locations.                                                                                    Photo Credits: © Juxtapose Pix |


Tiong bahru

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 1.05.26 PM

One of our pre wedding videos, shot at Tiong Bahru. Taken from the Back Button Media Vimeo page.


For a light-hearted pre wedding location, Tiong Bahru is the perfect place. A neighbourhood with vintage houses and hipster cafes right next to each other, it’s certainly a location with personality. Film your pre wedding video in the unconventional bookstores and shops, or against the backdrop of a collection of older houses, often with the original owners still living there.


telok ayer/amoy street


Telok Ayer and Amoy Street are full of shops with individuality and character.                                  Photo Credits: © Seth Lui |


Another neighbourhood with personality, these blocks of shop houses stand along Telok Ayer and Amoy Street.  Known for the large number of Korean barbeques and restaurants, these collection of converted shop houses are full of themed restaurants and beautiful bars. Perfect for those looking for varied aesthetics in the same location.


for the history buffs

Those who value tradition and history can consider these two locations for their shoot. Both locations are important to Singaporean history, and couples can celebrate their union among these monuments to the past.


fort canning

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 2.06.20 PM

Tradition and passion meet in Fort Canning.                                                                                    Photo Credits © Rueven Tan |


Fort Canning had once been home to the British barracks and command centre, and the 14th century Malay kings before them. Now, with colonial buildings and various military structures littered over the grounds, it makes for a great shoot location. Not least because of its long and storied history.


the national gallery


Photo Credits: Knottin’ Visuals |


A former municipal building and supreme court, the National Gallery has witnessed the swearing in of both Yusof Bin Ishak, independent Singapore’s first president, and Lee Kwan Yew, its first Prime Minister. It contains many great pre wedding locations, with a wood panelled and chequer-tiled interior, and carved pillars on the outside. A good one for those looking to film their pre wedding video steeped in history.


for the ones with attitude


Haji lane/arab street


Colourful street art contributes to the psychedelic punk aesthetic of Haji Lane.                                Photo Credits:


Some couples just want some ‘tude. For those looking for a gritty, bold pre wedding location, start with Haji Lane/Arab Street. Independent stores line the streets, selling everything from clothes to bikes to tattoos. Street art cover the walls, and give the area a bold, punk-y aesthetic. A block or two down, Arab Street is just as interesting. Turkish lamp and rug stores line the street, their wares a colourful backdrop for your pre wedding shoot.


brahs basah


The unique structures of the Brahs Basah MRT station.                                                                        Photo Credits: © Patrick Bingham |


The Brahs Basah neighbourhood might also be something to consider. This artsy area has the National Library, multiple arts schools and cathedrals within walking distance of each other. With such a diverse cast of buildings, this area contributes to a shoot with its varied architecture. Shoot your pre wedding video on the grounds of a cathedral, or on the colourful steps of the School of the Arts. Even the train station is photogenic!


for the urban explorers

For the city-slicker couple, here are two locations with a gritty, sometimes industrial, aesthetic.


chinatown (hong lim complex)


A perfect reflection of Hong Lim Complex’s urban grit.                                                                          Photo Credits: © Juxtapose Pix |


First, check out Hong Lim Complex, in the Chinatown area. A combined, residency/mall, the lower areas are full of charmingly worn Chinese-style architecture. Make sure to visit the top of the building has an open-air carpark, with the old residential flats overlooking it. There’s also a bar there, with a pretty neon sign that makes for good filming.


the Tanjong pagar railway station


The entrance to the old Tanjong Pagar train station.                                                                      Photo Credits: source


If you’re after a more abandoned place, check out the old Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. Once the place to catch a train to Malaysia, it’s since been put out of commission. Now, it’s occasionally used for flea markets and other events. With statues and paintings, the station certainly has the run-down charm of faded glory. Have your pre wedding shoot in the main hall, or on the abandoned platform and tracks. Either way, it’s sure to be picturesque.

Has this article helped you find the perfect place to shoot your pre wedding video? We hope so. If you’re looking for more quality advice, you might want to check out our other articles. They’re full of tips and tricks we learnt over years of being professional wedding videographers.


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