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10 Oct What to Look for in Your Wedding Videographer

what to look for in your Wedding videographer

So you’re looking for a production company to capture the special moments of your wedding. But there are so many choices, you’re not sure who to go with. Well, as wedding videographers ourselves, we’re here to give you a helping hand. (And shamelessly advertise, but hey, what did you expect?)



The first thing you should be considering is the videography company’s style. Each company will focus on different aspects of weddings, and the tone of the final product will vary wildly. Some like to keep things more romantic, others, like us, have a more natural, cheery tone. Know in advance how you want your wedding video to look and feel, then find a company that fits those criteria.



Always keep your budget in mind. You don’t want to overspend, especially if you’re already paying a sizeable sum for the wedding itself. Check the rates of each production company before you commit to anything, and see what kinds of packages they have. You’ll want to find out about details, like how many videographers will be present on the day, and if there are any additional charges. Some companies charge add-ons, such as early hour charges and transportation fees. In our case, we try to be upfront with our various charges and fees, which you can find on our wedding page and FAQ.

But, if you’re really set on a production company that’s out of your price range, you could try reviewing your budget. See if there are any areas that you can save on. Maybe you could save money by going DIY for some parts of your wedding. Videos last forever after all, so decide what you’re more willing to invest in.



Once you’ve chosen a company that fits both your style and budget, the next thing you’ll want to look at is experience. See how long they’ve been in the industry. More experienced videographers will know how to deal with many different situations, meaning they’ll be less likely to be caught off guard if something unexpected happens during your wedding.

Another, more overlooked thing to check out is the presence of collaborators. If a company has worked, or works with other vendors in the wedding business, it’s usually a good indication of their reliability, especially if they have worked with others repeatedly.

Lastly, assess the company’s body of work. Check for consistency. Although each wedding is different, the quality should not differ from video to video. Would you be satisfied with the quality of videos you see in their portfolio?



Finally, make sure you’re able to click with the videographers. You should be comfortable with them, it’ll ease any nervousness you might have about having a camera crew following you. When you have a video crew you’re comfortable with, good-looking, natural shots come more easily. It’ll make the day less awkward. Part of this also comes from the crew. A good videography crew will know how to put you at ease, and allow you to get comfortable with them. Find a company that know what they’re doing. (Like us, maybe, perhaps.)

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