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Frequently Asked Questions


25 Sep Frequently Asked Questions


For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of some the questions we’re most commonly asked by clients. We cover a range of questions, from practicalities to payment. If you can’t find your question on the list, just ask us directly! 


DO you have a style?

Yes, while each of our videographers put their own unique twist on things, we like to keep the mood of our videos cheerful and candid, capturing the natural interaction between couples. Our style has been described by clients as being ‘natural’ and ‘organic’.


How many videographers do you have?

We have a team of 7 videographers in total.


How many will be covering my wedding?

In order to have a good coverage and to produce the quality we are proud of, we send a team of 2 for each wedding. An Editor will also be present on location for same-day (express) edits.

What are your rates?

You can find the rates for our various packages by mousing over ‘details’ and ‘alternative’ on this page.


What about payment?

Once you have confirmed a shoot with us, we require a non-refundable $500 deposit within two weeks of confirmation. The remaining amount can be paid up to one month from the date of the event.


Do you charge for additional hours?

Yes, we do. If the shoot extends past 5 (half-day) or 10 (full-day) hours, we charge $100 per extra hour.


Is there a budget package with just one videographer?

Unfortunately, there is no budget option. We only offer half-day (5 hour), and full-day (10 hour) packages. To maintain a standard of quality we can be proud of, we require two videographers to be present, to ensure sufficient coverage of your big day.


Do you offer a video and photo package?

As we are a videography studio, we only offer video packages. However, we do often collaborate with a few known photographers, as well as a few other preferred vendors. Please contact us for more details on our preferred vendors.


Is there a split-day charge?

Yes, there is. As every wedding schedule is different, please contact us to enquire for more details.


Is there an early-hour charge?

No, we do not charge for early hour shoots.


do you offer same-day edits?

Yes, we do offer same-day(express) edits, both for dinners and luncheons. For express luncheon edits to be delivered on time, we ask to advise on the itinerary.  Please enquire for rates on luncheon edits.


How long do edits take?

Same-day edits will take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours, with regular full-day edits taking from 2 to 2.5 months. We will update you if the edits require more time to reach a standard of quality we will be satisfied with. We ask and thank you for your patience in this area.


Do we have to provide transportation?

Yes, we ask the couple to provide transportation during the event. (Transportation to and from the event is not required) This is to ensure we stay close to the couple throughout the day, preventing us from missing out on any special moments. We usually carpool with the groomsmen, bridesmaids, or the photographer. Some space for the necessary equipment is highly recommended and would be appreciated.


Do we have to provide meals?

Couples are not obligated to provide meals, but it would be greatly appreciated. Providing packed meals would be more than sufficient, and even preferable, as it allows us to eat at our own convenience while still covering your event.


Do you shoot overseas?

Yes, we do, and have shot in countries ranging from Japan to Indonesia. Please contact us for a quote on any overseas shoot, as costs will change with each location.


Do you use commercial music in your videos?

We refrain from using Top 40 hits or any radio-played songs by pop stars or big-name artists. This is because any commercial music must be provided by the couple, and acquiring the rights to use such music requires a great deal of cost and paperwork (more details here). If you have a favourite song, we recommend playing it for your march-in instead.


SO, what music do you use?

We have a large library of professionally recorded and performed music that provides similarly high quality at a more reasonable cost. We choose music according to the mood of the video, and often use multiple tracks in each video. (For samples of the music we use, you can watch some of our videos here).


Do you use drones in your shoot?

As there are many complications involving the use of drones in Singapore air space, we do not use/recommend drones for wedding shoots. We do have contacts with external drone operators whom are qualified to fly them. They will come at an extra cost for their services and permit fees paid to Singapore regulators.


Other questions

If you have any other questions or enquiries, please contact us at our email:, or at our number: +65 9126 5486

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