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Bridal Bouquet Designs


10 Oct Bridal Bouquet Designs

Bridal Bouquet Designs

Not quite sure what kind of bridal bouquet you want? Want some inspiration to show your florist? Looking for something more unique? Here are some of the styles, colours and designs for bridal bouquets.


garden/wild arrangements


Berries and other non-flower elements are a huge part of wildflower arrangements                        Photo Credits: © Chris Chang Photography |


Bridal bouquets are slowly moving away from the traditional, formal arrangements. More casual, wild designs are becoming more common, with garden flowers and even wildflowers being the highlights of such bridal bouquets. This means that your bouquet is more likely to be a sprawling, flowing arrangement, or a relaxed collection. These bridal bouquets give up more ‘formal’ flowers, such as roses, in favour of flowers like daisies and tulips.


garden flower bou

Expect to see flowers like daisies and baby’s breath.                                                                            Photo Credits: Pinterest



Unruly and relaxed is the look these bouquets are going for.                                                                Photo Credits: Pinterest





The white monochrome bridal bouquet contrasts this bride’s bright red dress nicely.                                Photo Credits: © Knottin’ Visuals |


Monochrome bridal bouquets are a rather new idea, but one that is  gaining in popularity. Made of flowers of the same colour, their beauty comes from the simplicity of the concept. White or grey flowers are the most common colours for these types of bouquets. The simple colours make full use of the minimalist aspect of monochrome bouquets, and remain understated and elegant. They work, where bolder colours might come across as gaudy and tacky without any other colours to offset them. Another pretty idea is black and white flowers, such as bouquets made entirely of anemones with black centres. In any case, monochrome bridal bouquets are a great option for the bride looking for a minimal, understated look.



Photo Credits: Pinterest



White flowers, combined with foliage, has a natural, elegant look.                                              Photo Credits: Pinterest



wine colours


This bouquet highlights the shades of wine with white, creating a nice contrast.                          Photo Credit: Pinterest


Dark reds and maroons will also be making an appearance, usually paired with brighter flowers. The dark, moody reds can be combined with bold jewel tones for a confident, striking bouquet. Or, they could be paired with paler colours for a gentle, washed-out look. In either case, wine coloured bouquets will be a good choice for weddings with slightly more ‘high-brow’ aesthetics.



This monochrome wine bouquet is cohesive and can bring your outfit together.                      Photo Credits: Pinterest



Wine colours can also be used as accents to a bouquet.                                                              Photo Credits: Pinterest





Foliage bouquets are becoming more popular.                                                                                          Photo Credits: Stan Stills Photography |


Leaves, vines and other plant-y bits are now being used as more than filler. Florists are beginning to look at foliage as key components for bridal bouquets, often making appearances in wilder, more casual bouquets. The ‘overgrown’ look makes good use of foliage and greenery, giving bouquets a ‘plucked-from-the-forest’ look. The perfect bridal bouquet for those searching for something fresh and energetic.

Looking for a more formal style that still uses greenery? Bouquets that make good use of succulents are the way to go. These striking desert plants go well with soft, faded colours. They look especially good when paired with washed-out pinks, peach colours, and purples. Done right, they have a lovely ‘I-stare-out-the-window-at-a-cloudy-melancholy-sky-while-indie-music-plays’ look.


succ bouquet

Succulents bring desert-flower charm to any bouquet.                                                                    Photo Credits: Pinterest



The greenery takes a bit of a backseat in this arrangement, but is still an important component. Photo Credits: Stan Stills Photography |



finishing touches


These boutonnieres, also featured in our DIY article, are a good example of using twine to finish off an arrangement.                                                                                                                          Photo Credits: Chris Chang Photography |


In keeping with the general trend towards more relaxed bridal bouquets, bouquets are being finished up with simpler decorations. Materials such as burlap, string and simple ribbons are becoming common. Burlap and twine go well with garden flowers, and bouquets with a more casual look. Ribbon and lace tie together the formal bridal bouquets. This keeps an elegant, ballroom feel, while still being modern.



Fancy, yet fresh lace is both formal and fun!                                                                                  Photo Credits: Pinterest


Speaking of finishing touches, this brings us to the end of this article. We hope you got some inspiration, but if you’re looking for more, check out our other articles. If you’ve chosen a bridal bouquet, and need a professional videography company to capture it (and you) in all its beauty, we happen to know some people. (That’s us. We’re talking about ourselves.)



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